Athena’s interior

5 May

The interior on Athena is pretty shot. It looks like rodents gnawed through the corners and the drivers lower part of the seat, so it was time so say goodbye to every piece of cloth, and well everything down to the springs.



The thing is there were only 2 places I could cut samples to send off to try and have upholstery matched.



So I sent some off to be matched, and well received them. There are a number of samples and whilst most look really cool, some look questionable to me. 



I’m also realising that the Athena’s colour isn’t the same thing listed on the build sheet/window sticker. So I asked myself why I had to have to “original” or whatever I think the original is. It is after all my car, and I can do pretty much any pattern and colour I want.  I contacted SMS Auto Fabrics, and the woman whom answered the phone laughed loudly when I told her how amased I was at the amount of samples sent. There’s really nothing anywhere stating exactly (to my knowledge) what was in the car when built. At this point since my car was supposed to be, or was at one time coral and beige my idea is to go with more of a coral orangish pink fabric than the variations of blue shown here. 




2 Responses to “Athena’s interior”

  1. Kristin Cline May 6, 2014 at 00:38 #

    Now you can just take a look at my fabric samples! Although I’m wondering what I would’ve got if I said coral and silver instead of coral and gold…???

    • spannerbirdarie May 6, 2014 at 00:46 #

      And that would’ve there would be a very interesting colour combination to see.

      It’s funny when I spoke to the people I SMS auto fabrics. And that I mention the idea that my colours in in fact my car were going to be almost identical in appearance to yours. It seems that we are very similar taste in cars and the problem of build she’s has my car should be the same colour as yours. Misspellings and we had syntax brought to you by Siri!

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