Windows are going in

13 Nov

I finally pushed myself during quite a few exams and heaps of studying to order windows from Chris at  They arrived from one of their suppliers in Cali and they’re beautiful as a window should be. They’re tinted green as all the other glass in the car is. I removed both of the window cranks and all the hardware so I can clean and possibly repair as needed. The crank on both windows need lubrication as I had to get a pair of locking pliers just to turn the crank to pull the cradle from the door. I realised the cog was slipping from the teeth on the regulator because of the offset and many years of putting so much torque on it because of a lack of lubrication on the cog. I had to buy some stainless washers to space in a bolt to ensure the new offset of the crank (from physically rolling the window up and down so much) was eliminated so I wouldn’t have any more slipping. Once is this is completed the windows can finally be installed. 

The cradles and everything attached also had some rust on them which was fixed with a soothing wire wheel. I could use a chemical, but really what fun is that when I could get in close and grind the hell out of a piece of metal, take my frustration out, lower my stress levels, and make a piece of metal which was once dull and ugly, look shiny and new again. 


Pics of all this to come! I’m taking all of these photos so far with my iPhone 5, and thinking about purchasing a Nikon or Canon DSLR camera to get higher quality photos. 


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