Stude is on it’s way here!

20 Jul

So after doing business with I finally have the Stude on the auto transporter. I have a few pics from the guy whom had the facility where it was stored, and sent them to me, not only because I’m still losing sleep over Stude, but for insurance and damage control/watch purposes. I just hope that when it arrives, the amount stated in the contract is the amount I’ll be paying. I was told about some horrour stories with auto transport companies and how they can rob a person. One of ways is to pick a car up for a specific price, and then deliver it, but not unload it, demand a bit more cash, and not unload it until that amount extra is paid. I really hope is transporter is not that way. I was informed that companies which do that usually aren’t in business for more than 2 years. The contracted price was $800, but we had to push that up by $50 because no one was responding to the transport request. An hour after the car was relisted for the increased/new price, the transporter whom is hauling it agreed and picked it up. However, I had to pay the broker company ( a fee for doing the “work.” 


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